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03 May 2020 @ 01:33 pm


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orange by takano ichigo

I found this manga yesterday and started reading it a few hours ago and already I'm head over heels for it. What first attracted me to it was the art, it isn't often that you find manga with so much detail put into characters facial expressions. Manga is often very simplistic, which is sometimes necessary for mangaka to churn out a chapter a month (or less, I never really kept up with Bakuman) so it's really refreshing to see characters with distinctive facial features and to see their expressions change subtly the way humans do.
The story itself is pretty melancholic, it's comes off like a typical coming of age high school shoujo but the way it deals with serious themes like death, suicide and self esteem puts it in the high school drama category.
So far there are only 9 chapters out but I'm definitely going to keep it on my list of manga to keep up with, I have high hopes for Orange.
24 November 2012 @ 11:27 pm
inu boku x ss
If I had to give his series a number of stars out of 5 I'd probably have to give it a 2. I started this series out by watching the first episode not knowing there was a manga and honestly this is the rare occurrence where the anime is better than the manga. The author isn't a very good story teller and even now 5 volumes in I'm not really sure what the plot is or if there's going to be an overarching story.
The manga starts out with a supernatural theme but really we don't learn about the character powers and abilities or how being half demon affects them, the whole occult part of the manga is just used as a back up and hardly ever comes up.
What the manga does have going for it is very appealing art and funny character interactions which lead to a lot more character development than what I'm used to for only 5 volumes of a series.
09 December 2011 @ 02:02 pm
  • my mom got hitched with a guy i don't particularly like
  • we moved into his house with him and his daughter
  • I turned 18 (sex is legal aww yiss)
  • while I was living with my mom and her husband my life was really stressful for me, I got really really depressed and got to the point that I wanted to kill myself. Things I was stressed about:
  1. I failed algebra 2 twice in highschool (it's necessary you pass w a D to graduate) so I almost didn't get to graduate but my nice AF teacher gave me a D even though I really deserved an F
  2. My mom wanted me to find a job so I could start paying rent, even though I've never held a job and really had no plans to ever work ( I KNOW HOW AM I SO DUMB/LAZY)
  3. I got rejected from the only college I applied to
  • I moved out of my mom's place the day of the Harry Potter premier July 14th?? idk and in with my sisters then girlfriend
  • I worked at a carnival in the meantime while I got a job and started going to the closest community college
  • I quit the carnival once school started and started dating my boss (he's 12 years older than me, making him 30)
  • My BF broke up with me
  • I got a job at a laundromat and a movie theater
  • I had to quit my job at the movie theater bc it conflicted with my laundromat job
  • I've sorta started dating the same guy again but we're not official, I want to take this as slow as possible
That's pretty much what's happened to me since I stopped posting here! On monday I'm going to the clinic with my mom again to get another assessment about my depression. I already went once a while ago ( i even made a post about it) but nothing ever came of it; I really do need help. Wanting to kill yourself and hurting yourself when you're upset/stressed out it NOT OK, if any of my LJ friends ever feel this way just give me a holler at kristina.hash on skype and we can talk about our feelings and shit <3

WELP I'M DONE 4 NOW. If you guys have any questions about all the crap I've been through go ahead, I want to start using this blog again :)
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05 July 2011 @ 12:12 am
 Today I had an odd moment where I re-evaluated what I was, or some other deep shit like that.

Like most Americans, or people that like bright lights and loud sounds, I went to a park today to watch the 4th of july celebration. All was going well but at the grand finale I almost had a panic attack. At first I felt super silly for freaking out over something that seemed so animalistic but then I realized that I AM an animal and it's only natural for me to feel afraid over something like that.

After realizing this I felt so strange, this is what it must feel like to open up your chakras or something because all of a sudden I felt like a different person. It's like I see myself in a different light, all my life I failed to see myself as what I really am. Before it's like I held myself up above other animals because I'm on the 'top of the food chain' but these fireworks were a pretty rude awakening, there were dogs at the park that didn't even freak out.

So much for being on top hah
09 April 2011 @ 08:49 pm
FLIIIIIIIIST~! I missed you ;_;

I made a tumblr because I wanted to make fandom buddies but it's so much easier to make friends on here with stuff like friending meme's than on tumblr so I've come crawling back to you like a pathetic ex :( <3

I'm still not sure if I'm going to delete my tumblr since it's a pretty efficient way of keeping track of artists that I like but I'm definitely coming back to my bb LJ <333

Let's catch up LJ buddies! Recently I've been reading Homestuck and watching My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, Young Justice, Sym-Bbionic Titan (s-sob), Adventure Time, Regular show and Madoka Magica. Let's re-acquaint ourselves :)

under here~Collapse )
And I know I always say this but if you guys have a twitter add me @moist_panties because it's waaaaay easier to talk on there :)
12 February 2011 @ 07:35 pm
For the yearbook's senior superlative's I was nominated as 'Most likely to be seen at ComiCon'. On wednesday we take our pictures for our yearbook (we don't find out if we won until the yearbook is released OH JOY) IDK what props to bring or how to pose tho. I'm thinking of wearing my gryffindor scar, and maybe bringing a comic book and my ps3 controller BUT IDK. I know one of the other girls that also got nominated it bringing a lightsaber and Darth Vader's helmet WTF how do I compete with that? lol

TL;DR please give me suggestions on how to pose/what to bring!!!!
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adventure time oc

This is a self portrait I did in Adventure time style. I looooove this cartoon and one of my favorite things is all the different skin color's the characters have. I drew the ghost because I wanted her to have a friend like Finn and Jake but IDK how they'd even become friends haha Even though the ghost doesn't really make sense anymore I didn't want to delete the little guy :(
18 January 2011 @ 10:03 pm
This past week Kanye West's H*A*M has been my jam, being a weeaboo the first thing I thought of when "ham" kept of being repeated was Ponyo and her semi obsessive love affair with ham.


Her left arm is supposed to be doing the west side gang hand sign. yeah idek

idk how many of you guys like rap but if you haven't you should give H*A*M a listen since it's awesome.
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01 January 2011 @ 12:28 pm

New Years resolutions:
- clean my room once a week
- draw at least 1 picture a day (and try to post it to LJ hurp derp)
- do all my homework everyday/week (it's my last semester of mandatory school, I might as well)

That's it! I want to keep it realistic and I want to keep it to things I might actually do

Did any of you guys on my flist watch Kuragehime? This is supposed to be Tsukimi. Obviously I got really tired of it after a while and went with a cop out ending to this picture but there ya go. I realize now that I should have drawn a rabbit or something for the new year, oh well I still have the Chinese new year
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